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Self Defense Family - Bastard Form 7"

Image of Self Defense Family - Bastard Form 7"


Extremely limited UK & EU delivery of Self Defense Family's 2017 7" single on Alternatives Label.

1. Bastard Form
2. Maybe You Could Explain It To Me


Available on limited edition black vinyl.

Self Defense return with a new single recorded by Jon Markson at The Gallery in NYC. "Bastard Form" finds singer Patrick Kindlon in his most bitter mindset to date as the instruments rage through rounds of a familiar melody. Side B's "Maybe You Could Explain It To Me" takes us to a more sentimental place with beautiful guitar and piano melodies as Kindlon remarks on all the things you can forget in a day. The release shows two classic dynamics of Self Defense Family in a way that feels new.

Customers in the USA or Canada please buy from Alternatives Label.